Guns, Oil, Water and Politics

Finally I’m starting a blog! Today I wondered: how do I write concisely but briefly about important topics then keep a browse-able record of these thoughts? My wife had always advocated I start a blog and so while researching the whereabouts of the famous drummer Ginger Baker, I came across a blog: Ginger’s blog – largely maintained by his family and dedicated to him but – where he makes frequent appearances; and so off to my blogging life starting with the somewhat boring and seemingly mundane effort of trying to explain that the one thing that hasn’t been truly tried – In the post colonial African era – but which much pre-colonial Ibo political organization is focused on, local government! With millions of deaths to show for it, we’ve tried everything: Presidential system, Parliamentary system, Military government, war; nothing’s worked. Could the system and the trajectories of Africans be changed by instead of focusing on how “big and important” we can become, instead focusing on how small and nimble and effective we can be, again on that small scale? Look at how we characterize a tier of government heralded by others; by this I draw attention to “Mayors”: Tom Bradley, Ed Koch, Andrew Young, Bloomburg and Giuliani, throw in Daley of Chicago. Name a Mayor of an African City and you’re hard pressed! In Nigeria, they call them “Local Government Chairmen”. When you understand that the term “Local” has nearly every negative connotation imaginable associated with it then you begin to see the problem. To be continued “TBC”!